animation reel 2009

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last of my new zealand sketches

people on the ferry from picton to wellington
on the coastal train from kaikoura to picton

a tree from my window at the hostel in queenstown


quick sketch

experimenting with color. and with drawing girls in their underwear.


lead paint

mike and i have been slowly working on getting our webcomic up and running again. we're pretty much overhauling everything (scripts, art, site design) so it's taking longer than we expected. but hopefully it'll pay off.

this is the turnaround for avery, one of the main characters. i posted a previous version on here a while back, but i wasn't very happy with it. also started on colin, i'll probably be posting that up later this week or next.

you can visit our currently sad and slightly busted website here (the archives are still up):


new zealand sketches pt. 2

these are also in lyttelton. i walked a really long way to get here and i wasn't really sure where i was going.


new zealand sketches pt. 1

in lyttelton, outside of christchurch. i think the building at the top of the hill was the gondola.

the lounge at the hostel in christchurch.
people at the hostel


some animation

a rough run cycle for a project at work. © animation collective

oh yeah, and happy new year.