long time no update

i've been way too busy lately. mainly working on boards and animation for an upcoming PBS web series. here's the trailer for it:

and here's the official website: http://www.pbskids.org/lunchlab. the episodes will begin to air on nov 16.

also been plugging away at the webcomic. aside from the weekly comics, i'm also working on a new site design so it looks slightly more professional and less like i crapped it out in a day. we have a ton of other ideas in mind, most of which will be slowly implemented over the course of the next year or so (merchandise, story arc ideas, more frequent updates, etc).


and just for the sake of posting something new, here's the b&w of the halloween comic i'm working on right now (the finished color version will be up on halloween):


asian girl

i noticed there are a lot of very trendy-looking asian girls in the city, especially around k-town. i'm not one of them. but this sketch was done with them in mind.


weird sea creatures

been a while since i last updated. the webcomic has been keeping me pretty busy, along with helping out on some freelance. but anyway, here are some quick sketches of sea creatures for a short i'm working on with some friends.



we puppy-sat today for a pug named sullivan. i wanted to take him home.


lead paint comics triumphant return to the internet

just wanted to announce that mike and i finally uploaded our first new comic to our lead paint comics website (http://www.leadpaintcomics.com).

we've been working on this new batch of comics for about a year since we went on hiatus, so we're pretty excited to finally show what we've been doing. new comics will be up every monday, and we'll be slowly expanding/improving the site as we go.

while i'm not totally happy with the art yet, i think it looks a lot better than it did originally. it's pretty much a constant work in progress.


quick painting

i needed to add some color to the blog.

just a made up landscape, but i used some of my photos from new zealand as reference.


more subway drawings

sorry if these are getting boring.


more from the sketchbook

some sketches from last year. drawn on the subway and at the beach.


mother's day

being unemployed means drawing pictures in lieu of buying presents.



ASIFA figure drawings

1 minute gestures:

2 min:

3 min:

will post 4-5 min drawings later


cookie monster

this is a panel of one of the comics i'm currently working on. a lot of the detail is lost in the comic itself so i thought i'd pull it out as its own drawing.

this doesn't make a lot of sense out of context. or maybe it makes.. about the same amount of sense.


lead paint v2: coming soon

mike and i are slowly getting closer to relaunching our webcomic, which was supposed to happen back in december, but whatever.

we've been taking our time to work out a lot of the kinks, so it'll hopefully be a big improvement over what we were doing originally. and by that, i mean there will be more swearing.


one last modok

eskimodok. or inuit-dok for the politically correct.


rough squirrel animation

click here to see it larger.

i'm going to be collaborating with some current and former coworkers on a squirrel vs. robot comic so i've been into drawing squirrels the past few days. might clean it up later. might not. who knows.

more modok

i drew another modok instead of working last night. i guess it still counts as doing something productive, right?



done for my friends' modok blog. not big into comics so i never heard of modok prior to this, but i guess there's not much to know aside from that he kills things.

check out more here: march modok madness



painter sketch

the view from my seat at work.



i'm digging up older work because i haven't had time to do anything new. maybe i'll clean these up more if i feel like it.


tom tom

found this looking through my computer at work. it's tom church, and he has a stress beard.


animation reel 2009

click here for reel breakdown.


last of my new zealand sketches

people on the ferry from picton to wellington
on the coastal train from kaikoura to picton

a tree from my window at the hostel in queenstown


quick sketch

experimenting with color. and with drawing girls in their underwear.


lead paint

mike and i have been slowly working on getting our webcomic up and running again. we're pretty much overhauling everything (scripts, art, site design) so it's taking longer than we expected. but hopefully it'll pay off.

this is the turnaround for avery, one of the main characters. i posted a previous version on here a while back, but i wasn't very happy with it. also started on colin, i'll probably be posting that up later this week or next.

you can visit our currently sad and slightly busted website here (the archives are still up):


new zealand sketches pt. 2

these are also in lyttelton. i walked a really long way to get here and i wasn't really sure where i was going.


new zealand sketches pt. 1

in lyttelton, outside of christchurch. i think the building at the top of the hill was the gondola.

the lounge at the hostel in christchurch.
people at the hostel