long time no update

i've been way too busy lately. mainly working on boards and animation for an upcoming PBS web series. here's the trailer for it:

and here's the official website: http://www.pbskids.org/lunchlab. the episodes will begin to air on nov 16.

also been plugging away at the webcomic. aside from the weekly comics, i'm also working on a new site design so it looks slightly more professional and less like i crapped it out in a day. we have a ton of other ideas in mind, most of which will be slowly implemented over the course of the next year or so (merchandise, story arc ideas, more frequent updates, etc).


and just for the sake of posting something new, here's the b&w of the halloween comic i'm working on right now (the finished color version will be up on halloween):


Ryan Green said...

Not a Peeps fan, huh? I don't mind 'em...unless someone has taken them out of the package and individually hand-wrapped them in a baggy to save money. They get stale immediately.

dana w said...

i was never a big fan of anything involving marshmallows, with the exception of smores. peeps are only fun when you put them in the microwave and they grow to like 5 times their size and their eyes bulge out.

Ryan Green said...

Oddly enough, I've never tried that. You know what I'm doing tonight!